Gabriel's Music Page

I love music. From classical to classic rock, techno to celtic, I can honestly say that I have the strangest variety of compact discs of anyone I know. Below are some notes on a few of my favorite bands/artists along with the best of the pages I've found devoted to them on the web. The pictures will lead you to the sounds!

Tori Amos is the most intelligent and original songwriter, as well as the most riveting and talented performer, to grace a stage in recent history. Her sincerely heartfelt music, lyrics and vocal gymnastics move me in a way I am at a total loss to explain. I've seen her in concert and I strongly urge anyone who gets the chance to go to one of her shows. I love her. To get in touch with fellow worshippers of Our Patron Lady of Song, click her passionate persona. 

The Cornflake Girl 

Visit the Real World!

Peter Gabriel is my number one, though. Not just because we share a common name, but because I truly believe the man is a genius. Anyone with the musical versatility to create such discrete masterpieces like "So" and "Passion" has GOT to know something us mere mortals do not. I've yet to hear a song of his that I don't like and have had one of the best concert experiences EVER with him and Tony Levine. Visit the official website of PG's Real World Records to find out more not only about Peter, but about all the amazing artists he employs. 

The Paperboys are an almost-local (they're in Vancouver, BC-- I'm in Seattle) stompin' celtic pop band. It is not in my nature to dance, but when Tom, Shannon & Co. take the stage I just can't help myself! With their 2nd album, 'Molinos', they got to take home a nifty little statue for Best Folk Album of the Year in Canada's Juno Awards. Their music has such a worldbeat vibrance, its irresistable. If you are ever in the Pacific Northwest be sure to check out a live show!

Hi Gang!

Vorden ha du det!?

Ah! The Queen of Techno! Could you ask for anything more?! From her sensual "Debut" to her latest "Techno-rap" Bjork's unique voice and musical talent continues to expand all my horizons! She's got a superb website for all of us displaced Icelanders!

Antonín Dvorák. By no means the most well-known or popular of Romantic-era composers, hell most people don't even know how to pronounce his name. (Its "duh-vor`-jak", by the way!) Nevertheless, the 2nd movement (Tempo di Valse) of his 'String Serenade in E Major' is the single most beautiful piece of music I have EVER heard. 

Whad'ya mean ya don't like classical music?!!

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!

The swing sound is, like, the ultimate feel-good music! Credit The Squirrel Nut Zippers for opening my eyes and bringing the music of our forefathers back in style. The band's original songs would make Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, The Mills Brothers and their ilk proud! You can't help but snap your fingers, tap your feet, and start singing along! You should also check out Katherine Whalen's solo album!

Everybody knows this guy. The most prolific and popular 'funny' music man in history. He's ruined countless songs for me! Its great!

Supplicate yourself before the King of Suede!

Go visit the Land Down Under!

Yothu Yindi is a band out of Australia. They ingeniously blend the sounds of the yidaki (didgeridoo) with modern instruments to create a very unique sound. If you have the Real Audio player you'll be able to thoroughly enjoy their website.